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About OwnerView

Welcome to Thoroughbred OwnerView, a free information website developed jointly by The Jockey Club and Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association for new, prospective and current Thoroughbred owners. OwnerView includes a wealth of information about Trainers, Racing Syndicates, Getting Started, Licensing, Racetracks, Veterinary, Aftercare, Publications and State Incentive programs. Read below for a brief description of what you will find on OwnerView.

Trainer Information
OwnerView includes detailed statistics for any active trainer including a report that allows an owner to compare statistics for two or more trainers. OwnerView also includes the Top 10 horses trained by each trainer. Trainers can upload their Profiles including contact information, web site address, professional bio, photo, what tracks currently training, day rate, training and management practices and client references. Owners can view the Regulatory Rulings for any active trainer and submit Ratings about their experiences with their trainer in the areas of Communication, Integrity, Billing and Staff.

Racing Syndicates
OwnerView includes detailed statistics for managed racing syndicates, including a listing of syndicates with comparative statistics. OwnerView will also display the Top 10 horses owned by each racing syndicate. Racing syndicates can upload their profiles including contact information, web site address, professional bio, photo of silks or managing partner, what tracks and trainers are their horses currently racing, and client references. Clients of racing syndicates can submit Ratings about their experiences with the syndicate in the areas of Communication, Integrity, Billing and Staff.

Getting Started Owning Thoroughbreds
This section of OwnerView titled "Ownership" provides a variety of information for the new or prospective owner. You can view video testimonies from existing Owners, Trainers and Racing Partnerships that include advice and suggestions for the new Thoroughbred owner. Also, included in this section are the topics; Own your first Thoroughbred, Develop a Business Plan, Select your Advisors, Purchase Options, Insurance and Tax considerations, Cost of Ownership, definitions for Industry Terms and Industry Organizations.

Owner Profiles
Thoroughbred Owners that are registered with OwnerView can upload a personal Profile, made viewable to the public, including Bio information, Photo, email address, trainers used, background/profession, best advice for new Owners and much more. The Owner Profiles will help other prospective Owners better understand the profiles of individuals that invest in Thoroughbred Ownership.

The Racetrack section of OwnerView was developed with input from Thoroughbred owners and several tracks. This new section lists most Thoroughbred tracks in the U.S. and Canada, grouped by their daily average purse distribution, and provides information such as address, race dates, owner hospitality contact, and links to each track’s website.

Within the Veterinary section, visitors can research equine health topics, learn about racetrack injuries, become better educated about equine welfare and health considerations, review a list of equine hospitals, search for a veterinarian, and review Q & A in the “Ask a Vet” section. This new section was developed in partnership with the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP).

State Incentives
States that offer owners and breeders incentives to race and breed Thoroughbreds in their State are listed in this section of OwnerView. The list of States includes a condensed description of their incentives. Click on the name of any State to view the profile page which offers more details about each incentive program.

State Licensing
Every racing jurisdiction requires a Thoroughbred Owner to apply for an Owner’s license. OwnerView includes contact information for each State Racing Commission and access to their Owner License Form.

Learn about the responsibility of an Owner to plan for the retirement of horses they own. View a list of Thoroughbred Retirement Facilities in each State and where you can make financial donations.

Publications & Books
This new OwnerView feature lists Thoroughbred publications and books on a variety of ownership and horsemanship topics. By simply selecting "Publications” from the OwnerView menu you will be shown a diverse listing of National, State/Regional and Specialty Publications.  Also included in this new section are selected books covering many ownership and horsemanship topics.

The initial release of Thoroughbred OwnerView is just the first step in filling the information gap for new and existing Thoroughbred Owners. Over the coming months Thoroughbred OwnerView will expand its content with more valuable information for the Thoroughbred Owner .

We welcome your feedback and comments regarding Thoroughbred OwnerView.