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Your First Thoroughbred

Many Thoroughbred horse racing fans dream about owning their first racehorse.  To experience the thrill of winning a race and being in the winner’s circle is like no other thrill.  There are numerous options to become a Thoroughbred owner ranging from claiming a racehorse, to purchasing a young racing prospect at an auction, to joining a racing syndicate.  The section titled “Purchase Options” describes in more detail the options available to you to become a Thoroughbred racehorse owner.

Ownership Options

Sole Ownership: Purchase one or more horses for yourself and involve no partners

Partnerships: Find others to invest with you to own one or more racehorses in a partnership

Managed Racing Partnerships: Invest in one of the many Racing Syndicates and get started slowly while building your knowledge of racehorse ownership.

Every Thoroughbred owner dreams of seeing his/her horse racing silks in the paddock, post parade, race and winners circle.  There’s no better feeling than watching your horse carry your colors first across the finish line, followed by a triumphant entry into the winners circle.  But for the new Thoroughbred owner, learning about how to come up with their racing silks can be a challenge. To help owners better understand the process, click on this link and you’ll be pleased to learn how much this can be an enjoyable process.

Thoroughbred ownership can take place at a variety of levels. Yet the fun and excitement are present no matter your level of participation. The sights, sounds and experience of the backstretch each morning, the beauty and bond you make with your horse, the excitement of race day, the nervous energy in the paddock before your horse races and the proud feeling you get from seeing your horse, in your silks finishing first in any race is something anyone can experience and you will never forget.

The tabs in this section are designed to help inform and educate you, the Owner. Remember the old saying "Information leads to Knowledge and Knowledge is Power". We believe the more information we provide and more informed you are, the more fulfillment you will get from being a Thoroughbred owner.