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Panel 6 - Living the Dream

3:15 PM

Success stories from a panel of Owners ranging from claiming owners to graded stakes owners reinforcing the notion that anyone can be a Thoroughbred owner and "Live Their Dream".  Q & A to follow immediately after the panel.

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Panel 2 - Veterinary Panel

9:30 AM

Gain a better understanding from a panel of Veterinarians as they present the latest information on treating soft tissue injuries, Laminitis, Knee and Ankle treatments and the vets role at auctions.  Q & A to follow immediately following the panel.

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Virtual Owner Conference Info

2:00 PM

The Virtual Owner Conference Series is separate from the in-person conference in Del Mar. It has been held online the first Tuesday of each month since March and will continue through December. (For information on the in-person conference in Del Mar, please see the remaining schedule below.)

To register for the virtual owner conference series, which is free of charge, please email Gary Falter at

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