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Library of past panels from Virtual Conferences

Over the past few years OwnerView has conducted 23 online owner panels with a variety of topics.  Listed below are links for each of the 23 panels. Feel free to view any or all of these panels again.  If you know someone that would benefit from the topics covered please be sure to share this link with them.  As we add more ownership topics they will be added to this section.  Please contact Gary Falter at if you have any questions.

2023 Topics

Panel 1 - Accounting and Tax Considerations for Owners

Slides from the Accounting and Tax panel

HISA update - Implementation of ADMC on March 27

Panel 2 - Handicapping for Owners

Panel 3 - Developing a Business Plan

Panel 4 - Preparing for Race Day

Panel 5 - Jockey Race Preparation

Panel 6 - Buying at Public Auctions

Panel 7 - Claiming

Panel 8 - Veterinary: Common Surgery

Panel 9 - Equine Denistry and Hoof Care/Shoeing

Panel 10 - Mating Plans



2022 Topics