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Timothy Thomas Horsepower Racing

Years as an Owner: 16
Horses Owned (Current): 12
Horses Owned (Lifetime): 60
Best Horse: My Wild Rhoda
Best Win: 3rd PLace twice Barbaree's Hill and Fabric in $125,000 Rainbow Connection
Trainer(s): Beverley Chubb
Profession: Travel
Best Experience as an Owner:
Passion and Integrity of trainer Beverley Chubb
What I like about Thoroughbred Racing:
Breeding and Raising Young Horses
How I Became a Thoroughbred Owner:
My cousin's friend syndicated a couple of young horses
Best Advice:
Quality not quantity and find a trainer you can trust.
Owner Bio

Tim Orlando is a small owner , breeder and operates a lay up and boarding business with his partner, Trainer Beverley Chubb.  Tim has been been an owner since 1997 and was first licensed as a hot walker in 1979.  His best horses include: My Wild Rhoda, Haverhill, Fabric, Barbaries Hill and Stephanie's Wager.  Tim operates as Horsepower Racing, primarily in Ontario at both Woodbine and Fort Erie Race Tracks.  Tim has been a member of the Board of Directors for The Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society since 2005.  Currently Tim owns about 6 horses of racing age, 3 broodmares and a stallion.  Tim has also set up and run several small partnerships and syndicates and believes this is the best way for an average person to get started in race horse ownership. Tim and Bev are looking for a few good people to add as owners or partners to join them racing at Woodbine.  We expect in 2014   the purses to be solid, MSW will run for $55,000 excluding any ONT bred bonuses. we will have 137 racing days from APRIL to DEC.  Fields will be light and opportunities will be large.  We can guarantee honest, intergrity and great care.  We have stalls at WO and at our 110 acre traning center off track will multiple turn out paddocks as well as a 6F traning track.  Bev has trained since 1995.  Her star was Irish Cherry, started with Bev as a $10,000 yearling and finished selling at KEE for 2.7 MILLION as a broodmare.  Honest care, competitive instincts and a great place to traian and race at Woodbine.