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Suzanne Smallwood


Considered one of the most knowledgeable bloodstock advisors in the industry, Suzanne coordinates the equine analysis efforts at EQUIX. She works closely with our clients to select the best racing and breeding prospects, as well as optimal matings for their mares from stallions in our database.

From a background with horses-in-training, Suzanne began her career at EQUIX in 1986 as an Equine Analyst. She examined and measured horses for clients at sales and at farms, ad soon mastered our programs to evaluate racing and breeding stock. In addition to spearheading our selection and field work, she applies her unique knowledge of biomechanics to prepare a quantitative analysis of horses based on the results of EQUIX's premier computer programs.

EQUIX adds an edge to all areas of bloodstock services - yearling selection - video analysis and two-year-olds in training - breeding evaluations - matings - and cardio reports. Suzanne's great horsemanship and EQUIX services offer clients a unique combination of expertise and biomechanics to make the best bloodstock decisions possible.