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New Jersey

Executive Director: 
Michael Campbell
265 Hwy 36, Suite 1R
West Long Branch, NJ 07764
(732) 542-8880
(732) 490-6732
About Us: 

The Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association of New Jersey is an organization dedicated to fostering and promoting the breeding and ownership of Thoroughbred horses in the state of New Jersey. Active since 1945, the association administers a New Jersey-bred incentive program for breeders, stallion owners and race horse owners,hosts an annual awards banquet honoring Jersey-breds for outstanding performance, and publishes a annual magazine, New Jersey Thoroughbred. Benefits to members include a subscription to Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred, discounted member rates for foal registrations and access to online pedigree reports. The association also maintains a close alliance with the New Jersey Racing Commission, the New Jersey Department of Agriculture and the Equine Advisory Board, as well as the New Jersey Horse Council.

Restricted Races: 

By law each New Jersey racetrack shall program to run at least one race per day which shall  be limited to registered New Jersey-bred foals.  The races shall carry a purse 25% higher than the corresponding open race.

Restricted Stakes Races: 


Owners Awards: 

Owner award of 10% of the purse earned to registered New Jersey-bred horses that finish 1st-3rd in open races run in New Jersey.  The owner award is in addition to the purse supplement in open races.  The 10% award is distributed by the TBANJ as part of their incentive program distribution.

Breeders Awards: 

Breeder Award of 35% of purse earned for New Jersey-sired horses finishing 1st - 3rd in races run in New Jersey; 25% of purse earned for non-New Jersey-sired horses finishing 1st-3rd in races run in New Jersey.

Stallion Awards: 

Stallion owners receive 10% of purse earned for registered New Jersey-bred horses that finish 1st - 3rd in races run in New Jersey.

Out of State Awards: 

Ranges from 25%-35% of purse earned for registered New Jersey-bred horses that finish 1st-3rd in races run at an out-of-state racetrack in the United States if a surplus exists after all in-state incentive awards are distributed *

Breed-Back Rule: 

A non-resident New Jersey mare is a mare that has not returned to New Jersey by November 1 of the year prior to foaling. The resulting foal can still be registered as a New Jersey-bred provided the mare is bred to a registered New Jersey stallion the season of the birth of said foal and remain in New Jersey for a continuous period of 90 days after foaling.


Distribution Purses: 

In 2017 New Jersey-bred horses competed for $3.15 million in restricted purses.

Distribution Awards: 

$2.0 million projected in 2018


Registration Fees: 

Annual membership dues: $65

Foal registration:                                                                          

Foals registered within 30 days of birth: members $50.00, non-members $150.00.     After 30 days but prior to September 1 of the year of birth: members $100.00, non-members $200.00.  After August 31 of the year of birth: members $250.00, non-members $350.00

Stallion registration: $100 annual fee due by February 1