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Colorado State University Equine Hospital

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300 West Drake Road
Fort Collins, CO 80523
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Equine Services 

 Equine Medicine & Surgery

 ​The Equine Medicine and Surgery service examines, diagnoses, and treats a wide array of equine diseases.


Equine Field Service

 Our Equine Field Service provides primary care for equine patients in the Fort Collins area.


Equine Sports Medicine Service

 ​The Equine Sports Medicine service offers support for equine athletes by treating injuries and providing restoration and rehabilitation.


Equine Reproduction Laboratory

​The Equine Reproduction Laboratory has a long history of developing reproductive technologies for the equine industry. These include collection of semen, artificial insemination, recovery and transfer of equine embryos, shipping of cooled semen, and shipping of cooled embryos.

Orthopaedic Research Center

​The Orthopaedic Research Center is known worldwide for joint problem prevention and healing research in the horse with some recently expanded work in human athletes.