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Elders Equine Veterinary Service

Managing Partner: 
Dr. Chris Bell
(204) 832-4465
(204) 832-0807
3975 Portage Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3K 2E9
National Region: 
About Us: 

Elders Equine provides TB racetrack service to Assiniboia Down (ASD) racetrack in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. Drs. Bell, Elder and Dobson are available to provide a full complement of racing and sports medicine services to the horsemen at ASD. In addition, Dr. Bell is a board certified equine surgeon and provides surgical referral services for the Province of Manitoba and Northern Ontario. Dr. Bell specializes in orthopaedic (arthroscopy) and upper airway surgery (tie backs etc..). The practice has full digital xray and ultrasound capabilities and provides regenerative medicine modalities such as stem cell, PRP and IRAP therapy. We offer comprehensive work out, pre-race and post-race veterinary services. Visit our website for further information about our services.