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Equine Veterinary Care

Managing Partner: 
Kathleen Anderson, DVM & Charles Arensberg, VMD
(410) 392-6646
(866) 610-9587
288 Training Center Drive
Fair Hill Training Center
Elkton, MD 21921-2120
National Region: 
About Us: 

Equine Veterinary Care was first established in 1993 at the Fair Hill Training Center, located in the northeast corner of Maryland bordered by both Delaware and Pennsylvania. A busy practice with ambulatory, inpatient and outpatient components, Equine Veterinary Care offers a wide variety of state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment modalities. We specialize in sports medicine, rehabilitation and soundness issues, advanced digital imaging and pre-purchase evaluations of race and sales horses. In addition at our clinic, we offer intensive medical care of colic patients, respiratory cases and severe wounds and perform elective surgical procedures.